We’re not the vision/mission kind of company but in the end, when we tried to write down this manifesto, it all came down to these four words:

Honesty: We’ll never promise something we can’t deliver. We are what we are and we’ll show you exactly the truth. We want to have a very friendly, open-minded, transparent and sincerely relationship with our collaborators. We believe that nobody should be afraid to talk. So if you like or dislike something about us just tell us and give us a change to improve ourselves. Let’s be friends!

Experimentation: This is a business made out of passion. We’ll take it step by step and we know that in our road we’ll make some mistakes (and we’ll do our best to correct them fast). Our plan is to test, try and explore as much as we can in terms of flavor and coffee. Exploring gives us the possibility to evolve and to deliver perfect flavors, that your clients will love. We promise, you’ll never get bored with us.

Friendship: We want to be in touch with our friends (customers) and make them join our gang. We may talk a lot about engines, road trips, heavy music and coffee. We truly believe these are a good mix. So, feel free to join us. Any other subjects you would like to add to the list, we are sure they will open new horizons for us. And not to forget that friendship and coffee makes the perfect mix!

Flavors: We gathered coffee from different places around the world because we wanted to offer you quality, diversity and different stories. We truly believe that each pack of coffee has its own story and journey and we, the coffee lovers, are part of it.

PS: Part of our honesty, from time to time we’ll put here unedited pictures from our phones. For the beauty of imperfection and a way to reflect our work, our struggle and our current state. Everything is work in progress, right?