Region: Kayanza
Farm: Kiboko
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1650-2000 masl
Proc. Method: Washed

Burundi is a small country located between Rwanda, the DRC and Tanzania. The country produces mainly Arabica of Bourbon variety prepared by washed way, on very high earth (1800 to 2100 meters on average). These coffees are often characterized by brilliant acidity and pleasant citrus notes, which the Kayanza region represents very well.

This coffee is prepared by Ramadhan Salum, Burundian entrepreneur & producer, who has invested in the creation of several washing stations in Burundi, in the region of Kayanza. Dried in the sun, on African beds, this red bourbon is our local coffee “KIBOKO”.

After harvest, the cherries are selected before undergoing two fermentations: one dry and one moist. Sorting the parchment is done before the drying, which lasts three days, being made initially in the shade then in the sun.

A very greedy  coffee. Gourmand and floral nose. On the palate, a creamy texture with an overt attack of hints of lemon, then the greed wins with notes of chocolate and berries. Pleasant sensation in the mouth.