Region: Limmu
Farm:  Various smallholder farmers
Variety: Mixed
Altitude: 2000–2200 masl
Proc. Method: Washed

Durominaa is a cooperative located around the region of Jimma, in Goma’s Woreda, close to the city of Besheshe. This cooperative, just like Duromina, has an increasing reputation and its coffees are known under the name of “Agaro”. Agaro is located 40km to the west of Jimma, and is an old town of coffee collection. The choice of this name may be due to the constitution of a particular terroir, but not only. It’s a safe bet that the name of Jimma has been put aside because of the quality that is associated to it.

The farmers that have lands around the station of Bishaan Nadhifa work with plants at more than 2000 meters of altitude in a semi-forest system. The cultivated varieties are hard to identify but the cooperative maintains that the mother trees are located in the wild coffee forest of Coocee (Choche) near the city of Agaro. This variety shows common characteristics with other varieties of Western Ethiopia like Gesha, with an oblong shape. The communities are quite new, around a century old, and the coffee culture doesn’t go over three generations.