Coffee for your business


Our team has dozens of years of experience in the horeca industry. We are familiar with the management, logistics and marketing part of a hospitality business and we are open to offer all this knowledge and expertise to make your business grow.

Because we want to offer you more than just roasted coffee or coffee equipment, we developed some services that we know they will help you run your own business. Whether you want to open a coffee-shop or a coffee roaster, we are here to offer you all the knowledge we have!


If you plan to open a coffee shop or a roastery, or you just want to find out more about how can you optimize your bar services, gives us a call. We’re ready with all you need to set up (standards for) your (new) business.

The main areas our specialists can guide you are:

  • Coffee shop – start up. Everything you need to know before opening your own coffee shop.
  • Roastery –  start-up. We offer consultancy services for coffee roastery opening too.
  • Personalized blends. If you know what your customer likes we can make your own personalized blend;
  • Business management. We can offer you advices regarding the horeca industry, from management and logistics, to advertising your business.


There is no good coffee without a good barista. Our main objective is to make your team as strong as it can get. Even if you choose our coffee or not, we can can offer you professional trainings, which help you become from a passionate coffee lover to a specialist in the field.

Our trainings refer to:

  • Coffee introduction;
  • Green Coffee;
  • The principles of roasting and developing these skills;
  • Basic Barista Skills;
  • Medium Barista Skills;
  • Advanced barista Skills
  • Coffee brewing
  • Cupping
  • Late art.


We can create your own blend or you can discover one of our many flavors. We can help you with all the products you need to make your perfect espresso.


From the espresso machine to the smallest details. Our plan is to give you the best options in the market, within the budget and having in mind your business objectives.